How to do a good job of the security forces? With the enterprise community family security attention, the effect of security dedication is becoming more and more obvious, then how to create an excellent security team? Shanghai Security Company to provide us with some constructive advice.
The outstanding security environment at the garrison requires a well-styled, highly skilled and mobile security force. How to deal with the security forces has become a hot topic for security managers. To do well in handling the security forces and build auspicious living environment, we should do well in the following aspects:
First, the essence of security guards.
Security service enterprise is a population-intensive enterprise, the development of enterprises need the active participation of high-quality workers. Recruitment of outstanding personnel is the primary task of each enterprise human resources department, in order to recruit outstanding security personnel, first of all, enterprises should be multi-channel recruitment, explore high-quality personnel into the enterprise service; secondly, enterprise welfare should have a certain advantage in the same occupation, so that talent must be attracted. Power. An excellent security guard is required to have an excellent thinking business nature and be competent for the job. The selection and verification of security guards should be strictly followed according to the norms, selected and evaluated synthetically. The check list should include aspects of technology, culture, Putonghua, and harmonious talents. The security guard is in direct contact with the customer. The outstanding working attitude, proper speech and enthusiastic service are the yardsticks by which the customer measures our management level.
Two. Training and education of security guards
It is necessary for security personnel to enter the army. It is the most important problem to compile a scientific and reasonable training plan supplemented by flexible and diverse training methods. In the teaching plan, we should emphasize the combination of theory and practice, and take the way of gathering training and individual soldier checking. Emphasis should be laid on the exploitation and use of talents in training, and the specialties, skills and hobbies of the personnel should be understood, and the talents should be used exclusively. Only when we fully discover and tap the potential of talents, and properly bring into play his effects and specialties, can we build a relaxed and just atmosphere of management. Training items should be checked to understand and grasp the quality of training, together with the use of the management lever of reward and punishment. Routine military technical training and theoretical knowledge training complement each other, to achieve a real weekly plan, monthly plan. An imitation exercise is not ignored in dealing with fire and other emergencies. Summarize and explore experience from actual combat, and make sure that we can prepare for the rainy day. Then we will improve the combat effectiveness of the security forces and lay an excellent foundation for the smooth progress of the whole year's work.
Three, the improvement and implementation of various handling criteria.
We need to effectively handle the requirements and improve the standards. Drawing up and improving rules and regulations in a timely manner will play a good guiding role in daily handling. Enterprises should formulate effective manual for workers, arrange study and supervise implementation. Let the bottom line handle rules and regulations, so that employees can clearly understand their own code of conduct.
Four. Careful thinking education.
On the basis of conscientiously carrying out the spirit of enterprise instruction, managers should pay attention to Zhang Chi. Learn the practice of humanized management, with the rule of law team, with affection, carry forward the team spirit and the spirit of ownership. Managers should conduct more thorough research to fully understand the army's thinking and operation. Identify the key points and do a good job of thinking guidance. Such ability constitutes centripetal force and cohesive force.
Five, retain excellent talents.
How to retain excellent talents, enterprises should be the first issue. Enterprises should improve their handling and take more actions in personal growth training and space development. Let excellent talents do well in the enterprise, then reduce the loss of personnel and maintain the stability of the army.
Security profession is a sunrise industry and service profession, through the provision of security guards to customers and other intangible ways of service, to produce economic benefits. In order to secure the security card, the most important thing is security. The handling of security forces is a common topic. Governing the army and governing the way is strictly controlled and lost. Therefore, scientific management will be the real inside of security management. With a strict discipline, excellent style and strong guarantee force, the quality of security service will be improved in an all-round way.
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