What is security service introduced by security company?
Security services refer to specialized security services and related services provided by enterprises and organizations established according to law in order to meet the security needs of citizens, legal persons and other social organizations in accordance with laws, regulations, rules and relevant provisions of the state.
2. What kind of political quality and professional quality should the security company have to introduce?
保安员应具备的政治素质:热爱祖国,诚实守信、爱岗敬业,恪尽职守、遵纪守法,团结协作、无违法犯罪记录。 保安员应具备的业务素质:了解法律基础知识,有关保安管理政策、规定;具备一定的语言、文字表达能力和沟通能力;具备与岗位职责相应的观察、发现、处理问题的能力;具备使用基本消防设备、通讯器材、技术防范设施设备和相关防卫器械技能;具备一定的防卫和擒敌技能,即基本徒手攻防技能,带离技能和解脱技能。
Security guards should possess political qualities: love the motherland, honesty, trustworthiness, dedication, conscientious, law-abiding, unity and cooperation, no record of violations and crimes. The professional qualities that security guards should possess are: basic knowledge of law, relevant security management policies and regulations; certain language, written expression and communication skills; ability to observe, discover and deal with problems corresponding to post duties; ability to use basic fire fighting equipment, communication equipment and technical preventive facilities. Equipment and related defense equipment skills; have certain defense and capture skills, that is, basic unarmed attack and defense skills, take off skills and release skills.
3, what does the security company introduce to the security officer?
Under normal circumstances, the security guards have the following authority in the scope of security duties:
(1) to stop unauthorized personnel and vehicles entering the duty area according to regulations.
(2) Acceptance and inspection of personnel, vehicles and articles carried and loaded in and out of the service scope shall be carried out in accordance with regulations;
(3) Non-lethal defensive devices such as rubber sticks may be worn and used in carrying out general tasks, and necessary weapons and equipment may be provided in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the Ministry of Public Security when carrying out escort missions.
(4) Those who violate public security administration have the right to dissuade, stop and criticize education, and if the circumstances are serious, they shall be sent to the local public security organ for handling.
(5) For homicide, arson, robbery, theft and other current criminals, they have the right to arrest and turn over to the public security organs, and for murder and retaliation, they have the right to legitimate defense;
(6) Criminal and public security cases have the right to protect the scene, preserve evidence and maintain order on the scene, and to provide the public security organs with the relevant information of the cases they know and assist in investigation and punishment;
(7) According to the provisions of the contract, the client units shall be inspected for safety precautions, and the customers shall be assisted in formulating rules and regulations on safety precautions, and suggestions and suggestions for rectification shall be made;
(8) They have the right to report to the public security organs the situation of security and prevention, to provide information on violations and crimes, and to cooperate with and support the public security organs and other law enforcement departments in carrying out their official duties.
4. What is the specific duty of security company to introduce security guards?
Security guards have the following responsibilities:
(1) To perform security services such as guard, guard, patrol, escort, escort, escort, crowd control, technical prevention, safety consultation, etc.
(2) use technology and equipment to carry out security service tasks; more exciting property community WeChat
(3) In case of unlawful infringement and public security disasters occurring in the duty area, timely report to the client units and local public security organs, take measures to control the expansion of the situation, protect the scene and maintain the order of the scene.
(4) Implement preventive measures against theft, fire, explosion, damage and other public security disasters and accidents, and find potential safety hazards in the area on duty, report immediately to the client units and assist in their disposal. (5) The security guards shall stop the illegal violations occurring in the duty area in a timely manner and refer the illegal actors to the public security organs or relevant departments for handling. Support and cooperate with the public security organs and other law enforcement departments in carrying out their duties according to law.
5, what does the security company introduce to the security guards during their duties?
A security guard shall not commit any of the following acts:
(1) depriving and restricting the personal freedom of citizens;
(2) search the body of others or seize other's lawful documents and reasonable financial affairs;
(3) abusing, beating others or instigating and beating others;
(4) providing private security services for others;
(5) impeding the implementation of duties by state staff in accordance with the law;
(6) track down all kinds of debts or solve labor disputes for clients;
(7) other violations of laws, regulations and rules.
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